Patchi Café
Patchi Café
Patchi’s chocolate worlds experience is simply sensational. It’s the dynamism of contemporary luxury that shifts and flows with the seasons and trends. The celebration of each instance through flavours, textures, colours, aromas, and rustling expectation. The creation of memories. The thrill of enjoying Patchi at home and savouring the immersive vibe at our boutiques or at Patchi Cafe. It’s the Patchi you love. A melting pot of 50 years of chocolate passion and innovation. Here our signature premium chocolate offerings can be explored and discovered through e-commerce convenience and at our signature boutiques. Beyond the smooth online shopping experience and tantalizing chocolate counter and grab-and-go boxes at boutiques, there’s a universe of classic and exotic flavours from across the globe such as combova and raspberry which unite in sensory pleasure. An awakening of taste, sight, sound, smell, and touch that crescendos in an immersive experience and shareable moments.
Patchi’s wrapped chocolates are treasures waiting to be discovered. Colours. Patterns. Premium milk, dark and white chocolate hiding sensational adventures. Biscuit. Ganache. Salted caramel. Mango cream. Strawberry jam. Coffee beans. Raspberry and lemon cream. Nuts. Wrap the moment. Capture the memories. Envelop the emotion. 
Patchi’s unwrapped chocolates are flavourful statements. Bold espelette pepper. Slivers of almonds and hazelnuts. Majestic Earl Grey tea. Crispy lace crepe. Zesty yuzu and combawa. Expressions of modern exotic character and timeless nostalgia coupled with premium dark and milk chocolate. Reveal the moment. Set free the memories. Let loose the emotion.