Especially for kids who want to experience more! Patchino boasts a cool choice of colourful characters with unique personalities, talents, and interests in addition to a kaleidoscope of delicious moments and amusing experiences. It’s a fantastic selection of chocolates that are free from additives and preservatives with the extra fun of entertaining and educational gadgets. Come out and play with Patchino’s exciting range of gift boxes and bags with great gadgets plus chocolate bars, lollichocs, roundies, bonbons, chocobons, and delights with no added sugar. It’s all about happy moments and childhood memories. Super for daily treats, to share, for chocolate gifting, and as party favours.
Patchi’s wrapped chocolates are treasures waiting to be discovered. Colours. Patterns. Premium milk, dark and white chocolate hiding sensational adventures. Biscuit. Ganache. Salted caramel. Mango cream. Strawberry jam. Coffee beans. Raspberry and lemon cream. Nuts. Wrap the moment. Capture the memories. Envelop the emotion. 
Patchi’s unwrapped chocolates are flavourful statements. Bold espelette pepper. Slivers of almonds and hazelnuts. Majestic Earl Grey tea. Crispy lace crepe. Zesty yuzu and combawa. Expressions of modern exotic character and timeless nostalgia coupled with premium dark and milk chocolate. Reveal the moment. Set free the memories. Let loose the emotion.