Our Creations

Our Creations
Chocolate is our soul. Made from the finest ingredients, pure cacao mass, and without a single trace of colourings or preservatives, our premium chocolate is a luxurious experience that stimulates all 5 senses. An explosion of tastes. Burst of aromas. Eruption of textures. Tease of visual temptation. Hum of unwrapping and bites. Our chefs innovate with recipes created exclusively for Patchi. Each chocolate is made with passion and chefmanship at our atelier and has distinct personality with more than 55 flavours and fillings. Intense dark. Smooth milk. Silky white. Chocolate with no added sugar for the health conscious. Praline. Nuts. Gianduja. Fruits. Spices. Different moods and emotions for unique moments and daily pleasure. Perfect for personal discovery, to share, and for chocolate gifting.
Gift Boxes
Patchi’s chocolate gift boxes are a cascade of chocolate gift ideas. An abundance of variety accentuated by stunning packaging popping with colours and design aesthetic. Cardboard, leather, wood, and tin boxes plus minis and more. Each a different path to savoir-faire, creativity, and diverse experiences. Inside every conveniently pre-packed box is an exclusive selection of wrapped chocolates in assorted flavours that stir the senses. Great for daily moments, sharing with others, and chocolate gifting.
Gift Arrangements
Patchi’s famous gift arrangements are a fashion show of colour and concept. With each passing season, the gift arrangements take on a new look. Crystal, leather, silver, porcelain, and glass centrepieces, vases, and trays are dressed with wrapped and decorated premium chocolates. They embody generosity, liven up the moment, and make impressive chocolate gifts.
Decorated Chocolates
Silk. Lace. Organza. Velvet. Leather. Paper. Flair. All brought together through handmade ingenuity. The artisans at our atelier craft decorations with exceptional detail. Embellishments of style. These decorations elegantly crown wrapped chocolates found at our counter and in our arrangements. Patchi originally set the trend for decorated chocolates and our decorated chocolates remain distinctively exquisite. Artistic creations paired with premium taste. Details that elevate the moment and are a wonderful roller coaster for the senses.
Celebrations are simply better with Patchi. Share the joy of life’s milestones with handmade chocolates and luxury chocolate gifts. Assortments that paint a picture. Vast collections of trays, hampers, and boxes. Sublime design and decorative touches united with premium milk and dark chocolates and souvenirs. Mark the moment. Cherish the memories. Spread the generosity. Experience the emotions. Connect with people.
Macarons and signature treats? Experience Patchi’s delectables. Each ones tells a story and starts a conversation. Ideal for personal pleasure, to share, and for gifting. Made from the finest natural ingredients. No preservatives. No compromises.
Patchi Café
Patchi’s chocolate worlds experience is simply sensational. It’s the dynamism of contemporary luxury that shifts and flows with the seasons and trends. The celebration of each instance through flavours, textures, colours, aromas, and rustling expectation. The creation of memories. The thrill of enjoying Patchi at home and savouring the immersive vibe at our boutiques or at Patchi Cafe. It’s the Patchi you love. A melting pot of 50 years of chocolate passion and innovation. Here our signature premium chocolate offerings can be explored and discovered through e-commerce convenience and at our signature boutiques. Beyond the smooth online shopping experience and tantalizing chocolate counter and grab-and-go boxes at boutiques, there’s a universe of classic and exotic flavours from across the globe such as combova and raspberry which unite in sensory pleasure. An awakening of taste, sight, sound, smell, and touch that crescendos in an immersive experience and shareable moments.
Especially for kids who want to experience more! Patchino boasts a cool choice of colourful characters with unique personalities, talents, and interests in addition to a kaleidoscope of delicious moments and amusing experiences. It’s a fantastic selection of chocolates that are free from additives and preservatives with the extra fun of entertaining and educational gadgets. Come out and play with Patchino’s exciting range of gift boxes and bags with great gadgets plus chocolate bars, lollichocs, roundies, bonbons, chocobons, and delights with no added sugar. It’s all about happy moments and childhood memories. Super for daily treats, to share, for chocolate gifting, and as party favours.